Preservation & Conservation: What’s That?


The latest Long Room exhibition entitled Preservation & Conservation: What’s That? was launched last night. The exhibition invites the visitor into the world of the conservators at Trinity College Library, and offers an introduction to the wide range of activities carried out by staff in the department.

The displays explore the treatment and care of a range of different materials, from Greek and Roman papyri to Ethiopic parchment scrolls; from manuscripts to printed books; and from glass-plate negatives to twentieth-century travel diaries.

The Preservation & Conservation Department at Trinity College Library provides management and advice on the storage, handling and treatment of the Library’s collection of over 6 million items.

The exhibition, curated by the staff of the department, will be on display in the Long Room, Trinity College Library until September 2013 .

Find out more about the work of the Preservation & Conservation Department at

Estelle Gittins